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Asia Foodnet Listserv is part of WHO Asia Food Safety Initiative to enhance information sharing related to foodborne diseases and their surveillance among Asian countries and areas. It is a collaborative effort between the WHO and its Member States.

Asia Foodnet Members will be able to: The goals of this Listserv are to:
  • provide a mechanism for sharing data on the incidence and costs of foodborne diseases in Asia;
  • encourage the development of increased surveillance, investigation and response capacity;
  • serve as a mechanism for making and answering enquiries regarding laboratory, epidemiology and food safety aspects of foodborne disease;
  • improve understanding of the epidemiology of foodborne disease by sharing information on special studies of foodborne pathogens;
  • share information regarding appropriate practice in domestic and commercial food handling settings and recommendations for preventing inappropriate practices, contamination and foodborne illness;
  • share data pertaining to the efficacy of different food safety standards and their enforcement; and share data useful for risk assessments and policy interventions.
As a member of the network, you can share and find information on:
  • emerging foodborne disease issues;
  • research collaborations between countries and government/non government organizations;
  • reports or publications relating to foodborne illness or diarrhoeal disease that are of interest to a regional network;
  • surveillance data;
  • food recalls that may affect other countries;
  • changes or improvements in laboratory techniques for the identification of foodborne disease pathogens;
  • clusters of suspected foodborne disease of potential regional interest;
  • summaries of outbreak investigations; and
  • employment opportunities, conferences and meetings of regional interest
Feedback about this Listserv and suggestions for improvements will be appreciated. These also should be addressed to the moderator at ASIA-FOODNET-request@LIST.WPRO.WHO.INT In its trial phase, this Listserv will initially be moderated by OzFoodNet on behalf of WHO. In its fully operational phase, WHO will discuss further with Asia Foodnet Members to obtain broad agreement on the longer-term moderator.

Dr. Tommaso Cavalli-Sforza
Regional Adviser, Nutrition and Food Safety
The World Health Organization
Manila, The Philippines

©World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific 2005